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Terms and Conditions

General conditions of sale for an e-commerce website selling goods online


Preamble/Identity of the seller / Access to professional and commercial rules (where applicable).


The preamble recalls the objective of the general conditions of sale. It also allows to remind if necessary that some products on sale on the site are subject to special conditions of sale. The preamble also makes it possible to know the professional and commercial rules which the salesman intends to submit to if necessary.


The present conditions indicate in particular the following information:


The means of reproduction and archiving of these conditions

The legal notices of the site https://www.mas-provence.fr

General conditions of use of the site https://www.mas-provence.fr

The essential characteristics of the offered goods 

The different steps to follow for the conclusion of the online contract

The technical means of identification and correction of errors in data entry

The proposed languages

Archiving conditions and access to contract


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