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Bath salts  Altearah - Silver
It is particularly helpful for relieving those minor aches. Silver also helps get your mind back on track after a shock. Repair, rebuild for you.
Bath salts  Altearah - White
Purify and regenerate the body and mind !
The body is cleaner, revitalised and purified, with White, as if "re-harmonised".

Purity, transparency, sobriety, purification and clarification.
Bath salts  Altearah - Turquoise
Turquoise dispenses a stress relief effect and offers relaxation, openness and escape.

It is the colour of communication, clarity, sharing, tranquillity and beauty.
Bath salts Altearah - Emerald
Breath, get my breath back !

Emerald recreates protective breathing space to escape pressure of all kinds.

Breathing, space, reception, openness to life and to others, confidence and love.
Bath salts  Altearah - Gold
Win back self-confidence and relax, be yourself and radiant! Gold, flamboyant and unshakeable, creates a pleasant nervous release and restores self-confidence.
Bath salts Altearah - Orange
Foster your creativity, arouse your sensuality! Orange brings inner strength, peace of mind and relaxation for total self-control. Orange is a feminine colour – the colour of mother, creativity.
Bath salts Altearah - Royal Purple
Collect my vital energy, recharge my batteries!
Royal Purple is the colour of power and the energy of life. Its depth helps you take root and gain stability.
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